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viewings at DoMo Gallery 

Do Money AKA DoMo Gallery, was active from 2014-2018 located in the Sunset, SF. DoMo was built by Nick Wirtz and other skilled carpenters.The project was supported by many close  friends and artists captivating and believing in the idea of here and now.  Aside from undocumented personal journaling made in the gallery, DoMo held a number of artists, all receiving an opening exhibition night. All pieces were sold.  DoMo Gallery plans to rebuild and continue on in a new place, in a future time.


Equal in popularity to the dining room, All should have their own gallery space.  A place to shred materials and write on walls.  An evocative temple for Self expression promoting impermanence, impulse, Automatism. A nodd to the community underground.  Guests are gathered to share ideas and view and partake in the gallery. An intimate, safe and interesting place, apart from the confines of industry and politics.  All should have their own gallery space and feature their neighbor's spontaneous inner workings- revealing to the Gallerist their local environment. The gallery space will bring enrichment to the residents to walk by, observe, and contemplate daily. Then, walls to break down, paint blank, and build anew, again and again. 

                   - Kelsey 

#crowded _Superb work by artist _freezyb
The radiant light does dance on _dani_el
_The fragility of the piece is the piece
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