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"If it is true what they say that the muse is conspicuously missing from the visual arts, it might be because she has been otherwise occupied in such roles as midwife to mathematician (and everything in between). Kelsey Rose of DoMoney calls back the muse in her infinite forms through art production not only for its own sake, but for its own good, providing the necessary self-critique that keeps it from sticking its head too far up its own ass." - Sarah Coenan 


Kelsey Rose founded DoMoney Intl in 2013, inspired by a blank wall above her couch in her basement apt.  

Kelsey holds a BFA in Art History and Studio Painting, a completion of study in Hand drafted Patternmaking from Apparel Arts, and is a certified Alignment Yoga teacher.  

She currently resides at the beach in San Francisco, CA.

All design, curatorial exhibitions, web content, interviews, writings, garments and photography for DoMo are by Kelsey unless otherwise noted.  

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